Top 10 Trainers in Australian Fitness Industry

Top 10 Trainers in Australian Fitness Industry

1.     Felicia Oreb and Diana Johnson

Four years ago sisters Felicia and Diana started their own personal training business - outdoor boot camps for women wanting to get in shape after having children. Then younger women began wanting to train with them too, and Base Body Babes was born. They also offer online training packages (with clients around the world), a new personal training studio and cafe in North Sydney, and have an e-book on the way. For online training clients, they conduct a strong screening process where they check the client’s medical history, training level and what experience they’ve had in the gym before putting them on a program. They are inspiring women across the globe to get strong and healthy on social media, and have built up a large following with 606,000 followers on Instagram. Website: 

2.     Paul Nichols

Paul Nichols was named Jetts Fitness Personal Trainer of the Year in 2013. Paul has a passion for seeing people become healthy and happy and takes on a holistic approach to health and fitness. He understands that many elements come in to play in order to feel good, physically and mentally. Paul trains out of Jetts Fitness Kawana but is available for private consultations upon request. He has his own business, PT Paul, which offers personal training sessions as well as online meditation courses. These are four-week modules ranging from beginner to expert, encouraging people to calm their mind from the comfort of their own home. Website: 

3.     Kirsty Welsh 

Based in Adelaide, Kirsty Welsh is an experienced personal trainer, yoga instructor, health & wellness specialist and health writer. For Kirsty, health and fitness is a way of life, and she is passionate about inspiring others to achieve their optimum health. She has founded her own personal training business, which has achieved some impressive milestones, including becoming Mel B’s personal trainer in 2011, working as a trainer behind the scenes on Channel 9’s BIG: Extreme Makeover TV program, and authoring health articles in the Sunday Telegraph’s Body & Soul lift-out. Website: 

4.     Sam Wood

Famed for appearing in The Bachelor in 2015, Sam Wood is the owner of ‘The Woodshed’, Australia’s largest personal training studio in Brighton, offering one on one coaching as well as group training. He is also the founder of children’s fitness company Gecko Kids. He has recently developed his own lifestyle program, 28 by Sam Wood, which offers quick, simple meals with a daily 28-minute exercise program, allowing Australians access to convenient training. He’s passionate about showing Australians that good nutrition and exercise shouldn’t be stressful or complicated. Wood is also a writer for, sharing his workout tips and top meals, and is a contributor to many other health and fitness publications.  Website:

5.     Megan Hinchley 

Megan Hinchley, head trainer at Thrive Personal Training, is a dedicated personal trainer who understands the motivational and behavioural changes required for people to achieve their goals. She has been training in Canberra gyms since 2001, and began working in the fitness industry in 2006. She is an international powerlifter with the International Powerlifting Federation, having competed for Australia at the 2012 and 2014 Oceania Championships and the 2015 and 2017 World Championships. Thrive Personal training is focused on providing services focused on weight loss, fitness, strength and conditioning, powerlifting, older adults and pre and postnatal women. Website: 

6.     Chris Feather 

Chris was a professional Rugby League Player for 11 years, and his enduring passion for fitness led him to pursue a career as a trainer upon retiring from rugby league. In 2011, Chris opened one of Sydney’s most exclusive private gyms, 98 Riley St. Here, the focus is on providing targeted, personalised and accountable training programs and classes for fitness, health and well-being. In recognition of his dedication and excellence in training and fitness, Chris was invited to Utah, USA to participate in a private training and fitness qualification called Gym Jones. He is now one of only 20 current Certified Gym Jones Instructors worldwide and utilises this knowledge and elite training philosophy when devising programs and challenges for clients. Website: 

7.     Libby Babet 

Libby Babet is all about making fitness fun, exciting and interesting – she aims to reframe health and fitness from something you ‘should’ do something you ‘want’ to do. In her early 20’s Libby was diagnosed with malignant hypertension and was able to get off her blood pressure pills completely through a lifestyle dedicated to fitness and nutrition. She was then inspired to pursue a career as a trainer, inspiring a new generation of healthy and active women. She has appeared as a trainer in programs such as The Biggest Loser: Transformed, and has founded two finesses business – Australia wide fitness community BUF Girls, and an athletic performance studio AGOGA. The BUF Girls community provides online programs, group training and live events, while AGOGA allows clients to train like an athlete at her functional training studio in Bondi. Website: 

8.     Taylor Acheson

Based in Melbourne, Taylor Acheson is the founder of Taylor Acheson Strength and Conditioning. Having always been interested in the human body and a keen rugby player, he delved into the world of strength and conditioning and learnt about how to improve athletic performance and how programming can be manipulated to achieve different outcomes such as fat loss, gaining muscle mass and improving technique. He offers one on one coaching sessions, as well as online programs. His philosophy focuses on ‘Training Smarter’. He believes that there is no secret formula to getting results, provides each client with a structured program customised to their body.Website: 

9.     Kelly Walker 

Based in Brisbane and working out of Snap Fitness Morningside, Kelly Walker was nominated as Snap Fitness Personal Trainer of the Year 2012. She is one of the most respected personal trainers in the Australian fitness industry. With over 17 years of experience in the gym, Kelly has successfully competed in a number of body shaping figure competitions in New Zealand, placing 2ndat the Regional competition, qualifying her to compete at the Nationals. This achievement was one of the driving factors behind becoming a personal trainer, and she was inspired to help people change their lives and experience the same satisfaction she felt after achieving her goal. Now she shares her knowledge with her clients, educating people (especially women) on the benefits of weight training and eliminate any fear people may have of working out by showing them it can be fun and enjoyable rather than a chore. Website: 

10.  Steve Willis (Commando Steve) 

Commando Steve’s name comes from his role as Former Team Commander with the Australian Special Forces. He is an experienced personal trainer, appearing in Australia’s The Biggest Loser from 2007 until 2015. Willis has also founded ‘Commando Steve’ a coaching company offering a wide range of fitness services. He believes that being fit is as much about the mind as the body, and is known for his ‘commando camps’ along with private training, group training and kids challenges. He also offers corporate training and leadership options, along with an e-commerce website selling various fitness related products. Website:

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