How to Find the Right Trainer for you


Hiring a personal trainer is massive step financially as well as emotionally. Not only are you now putting health and fitness hopes and dreams in somebody else’s hands, you’re now backing it up with a monetary investment. If you’re sitting at the start of your fitness journey, thinking that you might need some assistance in finding the motivation to achieve your fitness goals, a personal trainer can be an ideal place to start. However, how do you know which trainer to choose to ensure you’re getting value for money? What are some characteristics you should be looking for in a trainer? How will you know if the trainer has a good track record, and can he or she actually help in achieving your goals? While taking the leap can be daunting, here are a few simple steps for you to consider when hiring a personal trainer.

Personal Training Sessions Should Be All About You

Before stepping foot onto any training floor, a trainer should be assessing whether he or she believes that you are a good match for their services. This is so they can determine whether they can help you achieve your indicated goals. Ultimately, a good personal trainer should have a very good understanding of how they will help you achieve your goals; however, the ideal personal trainer will have a vested interest in learning more about you and why your goals are important.

Does the Trainer Have a Good Reputation and Sufficient Experience?

This part requires a little bit of research. If it’s a trainer working in the gym where you just signed up for membership, ask some of the other members opinions are of the trainer. Seek out their website and read the reviews. What qualifications and credentials does the trainer hold; how many years experience do they have as a trainer? Observe the trainer while they are working with another client. Watch how they interact with others. Do they appear to have a good knowledge about fitness? Are they approachable? Don’t be afraid to go up to the trainers in the gym for any advice while you are exercising. From the information you’ve now gathered, you will have a strong idea whether or not hiring this trainer is a good decision. It’s now time to book in for an initial consult.

What is Their Availability?

The best trainers are unfortunately the busiest trainers and booking in a session with them can be a difficult task. If they are having trouble fitting you into their schedule, ask if they have some openings in their group classes for you to attend in the interim. Explain to the trainer that you want to start personal training sessions. If they can’t accommodate for you, they will at least be able to recommend you to another great trainer!

Training Fees

Trainers will each set their own rates based on what they think is reasonable for their services. These rates will also be based on session length, frequency and the other services they might offer. At the beginning of any training engagement, the personal trainer should be highlighting these fees and exactly what is included in them. They will discuss the terms and conditions, whether they have a cancellation policy and all other services they offer within their training packages. If affordability becomes an issue, the trainer may also be able to offer training alternatives, so be sure to ask.

Are They a Personality Match?

Working together with a personal trainer is as their title suggests – personal. At the end of the day, you should be able to comfortably interact with your trainer. They should be as motivated about achieving your goals as you are. Ultimately, their goal is to educate you, and at the same time they should be able to adapt to your personality in order to find the best ways to motivate you.

The trainer that you hire should be experienced enough to help you reach your goals, but at the same time, you should feel comfortable, motivated and inspired by training with them. To find the right trainer for you search My PT Connect directory for a personal trainer or group fitness professional near you by clicking here.

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