3 Top Tips for Setting and Achieving your goals


What determines whether or not your actions result in success or failure? Maybe a more relevant question to ask is, would you show up to your local gym and expect to lose weight or, would you seek to put a program in place to ensure that you achieve what you expect to achieve by following this program. And, at what point do you get to wake up one morning to the realization that you’ve overcome all obstacles and achieved your desired results? What we’re talking about here is goal setting. Setting up goals is generally the easy part. However, stepping up and achieving your goals can be a very different story. Is there a magic formula to help you achieve your goals? Most likely not. Are there systems in place to ensure you have the best possible chance of success?  Most definitely. To give yourself the best chance at success, follow this quickstep guide to setting up and accomplishing your goals.

1. Dream, But Dare to Take Action

All great goals begin with a vision or a dream; however, dreams will remain as dreams if they aren’t met with positive actions. Dream up or envision a goal that you would like to accomplish, write it and contemplate the following. Is your vision achievable? If so, what steps are required to achieve this goal? Do you require any assistance and, at what point in time do you wish to achieve your goal by? Does your goal date carry any significance? Perhaps you’re aiming to lose 5kg prior to an anniversary. Now you have the added motivation to reach your goal destination. 

2. Break Your Goal Down Into Bite Sized Pieces

Rome wasn’t built in a day; it was established over a long period of time via a stepped process in order to realise the finished product. You have already highlighted what steps are required to reach a larger goal. Coincidently what you’ve also created here are milestones. Each milestone represents a bite-sized piece of a larger goal. If this piece is missing, the goal cannot be accomplished. Plan these milestones out in an ordered sequence and focus on approaching each step as a micro goal that contributes to a bigger picture.

3. Work On Your Goals Daily

Your goals should represent a priority to you that will require your daily focus. Even if you’re only able to commit 30 minutes every day to moving towards your goal, the time spent will still bring you one step closer to your destination. What you’re creating here is a compounding effect. As each positive action is followed daily by another positive action, we develop a repetition of effort which builds into momentum. Momentum is a powerful phenomenon. And, as it climbs your, goals begin to pick up speed as you grow in confidence. There isn’t a great deal that now that can stand in your way.

What are some of your dreams that you could be taking on today?

Write them down and follow the steps outlined above to discover that you’re more than capable of achieving anything if you dare to take positive steps towards accomplishing your goals.

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