Picking a fitness routine, for most, should be like picking out a pair of new shoes. They must be comfortable and fit to begin with, then they must look good, so people notice and, actually suit you! Fitness is no different, and for a routine to work for you, it must tick off all the right boxes. For a fitness routine to work for you, it must suit you. This is where the term training specificity comes in and, it basically means that a plan must be tailored to suit you and your intended goals. You need to be comfortable in your plan if you intend to stick with it for the course of time. Just like you wouldn’t wear high heels to a rodeo, you wouldn’t choose a fitness routine that you know that you could never feel comfortable in. So, how can we ensure that the right boxes are ticked off and we find the right plan, well, here’s 3 Expert tips to help you find the right plan to suit your goals.

1. Speak To A Fitness Professional

You don’t initially have to pay for a lot of trainers; however, speaking to a professional prior to any undertakings can save you a lot of time and trouble. If you decide that you do need to hire a trainer, make sure that you find one that you feel comfortable with and can trust. The relationship between a trainer and client can be a very personal one, you will have to share a lot of thoughts, feelings and fears with your trainer so he or she can best motivate you. On that note, it’s very important to find a trainer that you can trust, so, speak to a friend or family member that has used a trainer before and ask for a recommended trainer. Finally, the sign of a good trainer is usually one that will sit down with you and listen, but on the other hand won’t be afraid to tell you to put your head down and get back to work.

2. Align With Your Goals

This is probably one of the most important aspects of choosing a fitness routine, and it really pays to know what it is exactly that you’d like to achieve. Be it lose 5kg or run 5km in under 30 minutes, you need to find a workable plan that is specific to that goal; e.g. swimming every day may not help you run 5km in under 30 minutes, but it could help you lose 5kg, so long as swimming suits you.

3. The Plan Must Suit Your Lifestyle

This bodes well with any nutrition plan as well; however, it ultimately comes down to your priorities. As a fitness coach, I see this every day. We live in such a busy society these days, and everything can be such a rush at times that we begin to neglect our health and social lives. While it’s important to set priorities, something ultimately has to give way. If that’s fitness for you, then you need to find a routine that fits your schedule so fitness can become a priority again. For example, if you don’t get home until 7pm each night, it might not be possible to go for a swimming session, but if you have some fitness equipment around the house, using that may be a more sustainable choice. At the end of the day, you do need to find a solution, just one that works best for you.

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