It seems like every Fitness Business is going live on Facebook recently. If you’re unsure why someone would use Facebook Live as their medium for delivering content, it’s because with Live, you can show your expertise in real-time, engage people from behind the scenes of your business and much, much more. Successful video engagement is also through the roof, and Facebook is rewarding the hosts for delivering quality content that increasingly gets seen by more people. So the question about going Live is no longer why, but why not! New to the game? Here are 5 tips to maximising your engagement the next time you go live.

Promote Your Live Broadcast in Advance

With Facebook Live, you’re able to target not just your personal network, but business pages and groups that you administer as well.

Why not let them know before you plan to give live. Build up some anticipation by sharing a short teaser video, or some well designed images to let them know that you’re about to share something special with them.

If your video is going to be super important, target fans outside of your immediate follower base and promote your content with a boosted post.

Don’t forget to share the broadcast time and date outside of Facebook as well by notifying your email lists, they would like to hear from you as well.

Remember The 5 P’s

Prior Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

You’re about to go live, this is no time for trial and error. Know your subject well, revise all the material and consider a practise video.  Please, don’t be too robust and scripted in your delivery as your viewers will be onboard to engage with a real human, and engage you should. Decide whether you are going to broadcast from desktop or mobile and set aside a place to present that is free from outside noises and distractions so your video isn’t interrupted.

Bonus Tip: If you’re filming from a Smartphone, set the device to ‘Do Not Disturb’. There’s nothing more embarrassing then receiving a phone call from mum, mid broadcast.

Be Human

Facebook Live is a two-way street, so talk to your viewers and let them know you appreciate them joining your broadcast and encourage any questions that they might have.

Bonus Tip: Most people instinctively click on the like buttons when a video starts, but if your audience is a bit silent, don’t be afraid to ask them to like and comment on the video.

At the end of the day, this counts as an engagement, and that’s what Facebook rewards because it sees you offering something of value and keeps users on their platform for longer periods.

For the new viewers, introduce yourself and let them know, who you are, what you’re all about, and what you plan to cover in your video. Remind them to follow your page so they don’t miss your next video and boost your tribe numbers at the same time. Don’t forget your Call To Action (CTA). If you’re advertising an event or want them to download your products, tell your viewers how that can easily be done.

The Technical Stuff

Nothing is going to turn your viewers away faster than a video that cuts out. Furthermore, if your video does cut out, Facebook then anticipates that the video has come to an end and you’ll have to start again. We don’t want this; so, let’s make sure we have access to optimal internet connection. Ensure you also have access to some solid internet upload speed (not download). The minimum recommended for Facebook Live is 2mps; however, 4mps is optimal. Unsure how to test or measure your upload speeds, check out speedtest to see if your upload is good to go.

Test and Measure

One of the most valuable assets Facebook for business offers is ‘insights.’ After every recording, you have the ability to track specific metrics that allow you to determine best, which demographic engages most with your video, what time they prefer to engage and the optimal watch lengths of your videos etc. The tip here is to use the metrics available to experiment with what works best for your audience. Over time, you will be able solidly nail down exactly what it is your audience wants and when they want it.

A massive emphasis is now being placed on live video, throughout all social media channels, with Facebook offering the biggest audiences. Fitness Businesses are now taking full advantage of what this free platform has to offer them and their audiences.

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